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What the H***Just Happened?

By Kathleen Pietrasanta, Reiki Master 

“What the h*** just happened?” That was my first thought as I lay on the table. I felt as if I had just woken from the deepest sleep ever. Yet I hadn’t been sleeping. I had just experienced my first reiki session. Yes, my eyes had been closed but my brain had been aware. I was aware that at one point during the session I felt like a scoop of ice cream melting into the table. All the cells of my body let go of their attachment to each other and became free entities. 

What the h*** just happened? A small tabletop fountain was located in the corner of the room. I had heard its ever-so-soft trickle when I entered the room. It was no longer tabletop sized. Its trickle had become a life-size waterfall cascading into the space. And I was smack in the middle of it, the water creating the roar of Niagara in my ears. 

As I adjusted to that amplified sound, I became aware of another. Voices. In the hall. On the other side of a closed door. I requested that the practitioner ask the speakers to lower their volume, as I could hear they were discussing a sensitive topic. She started out but never left the room. She confirmed that there were two people in the hall and they were indeed in conversation. But they were tens of feet away from our door speaking in hushed tones, impossible for us to hear a single word. At least that would have been the case in the pre-reiki world. 

What the h*** just happened? Years after I had first posed that question I heard it from a client who had just experienced her first reiki session on my table. We are still working our way through the question, though the answers have changed many times over. 

This question is asked in various forms. It is posed by reiki novices. It is posed by those who experience reiki on a regular basis. Sometimes it is even posed by me as the practitioner. The answers vary but they are always a profound source of insight for all.

The answers defy an entirely logical explanation in every case. Our minds, which easily process a 3-dimensional existence, look for the rational, the concrete, the logic we have come to expect. Reiki is difficult to fit into this frame of reference. But things are changing as contemporary science shows us a different understanding of what it means to ‘be alive’. Words such as frequency, waves, vibration, potential, and vitality have become commonplace. These are related to energy. We chug energy drinks, engage in high energy exercise, consume energy bars, and buy amped-up batteries. Why? Because on some level we realize that energy equals life. The more you have, the better you feel. The better you feel, the better you live! But there is a catch. The energy creating that better feeling has to be positive and balanced. 

This is where reiki comes in. Reiki isn’t some magical process that promises instant healing from what ails us. Reiki, translated from the Japanese as ‘Universal Life Force’ or ‘Spiritual Energy’, is an energy therapy that gently returns us to our naturally positive energy balance so we can live a life of more comfort and ease. 

We are beginning to understand that we are energetic beings living in an energetic universe. In our contemporary world we have come to perceive ourselves as separate from all that is around us. We have become individualistic, disconnected and, thus, suffer the effects in the form of sadness, pain, anxiety, and loneliness, all forms of negative energy. Reiki, through the hands of a trained practitioner, reconnects us to the greater energetic ‘soup’ which surrounds us. This positive energy connection brings us back to our true selves, the self that is more aware, more creative, more balanced, more relaxed. It helps us become healthier in body, mind, and spirit. In essence, more ALIVE and more in relationship with ourselves and all that surrounds us.

Perhaps the greatest gifts offered by a reiki session are the questions that arise as a result. Besides plugging us into positive energy, reiki connects us to the bigger questions in our lives. It helps open new pathways and clarifies direction, as long as we are open to exploring ourselves and our life situations. In the experience I recounted earlier, I was left with several profound insights and questions.

If you read my previous post, you will recall that I sought reiki to help me through the aftermath of treatment for breast cancer. That unexpected diagnosis had completely upended my world. And here I was, the ‘old me’, becoming unglued on the reiki table. Can there be anything more transformative (and terrifying) than having the world you know and trust turn upside down? It has already happened once with the cancer diagnosis and here it was happening again. How lucky can one woman get! What did this mean and why was it happening? 

This reiki experience was the first of several that helped me realize that it was time to dissolve the person I had come to believe I was. It was time to let go and lighten up. It was time to live MY life, not one that others thought I should be living. Reiki didn’t dropkick me into tomorrow. It gently planted the questions that begged answers. It helped me relax into the idea that it was time for a change. I became formless so I could recognize the potential to be, to live, and to love differently. That is journey that continues 20 years later.

The hypersensitive hearing left behind its own set of questions. What was I hearing? Who was I listening to? What was I hearing that was right for me? Were there things I shouldn’t be listening to? Would I understand what was heard if I paid closer attention? Once again, these questions emerged with a gentleness that made me want to seek the answers. They are questions that we should be asking ourselves, but I doubt that I would have had the impetus or courage to pose them without reiki energy bringing them to life.

What the h*** just happened? If you return from a reiki session like I did- with a smile on your face, more relaxed than you have been in weeks, less aware of tension and pain, and with a glimmer of anticipation for what could be happening in your life, then THAT’S what happened. Who doesn’t want more of that!

If you would like to experience life questions and other benefits of reiki, reach out to me for an appointment. Don’t worry if you are beyond the 757 area code. Reiki works across the miles so you can still get the benefits (smile). I respond to email (k.pietrasanta@gmail.com), phone or text (757-817-7840). If texting, please start your text with the word REIKI.

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