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Our FIT Coaches are trained to work with Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Osteoporosis, Arthritis, Post Rehab, Joint Replacements, Joint injuries and pain, Cancer support and Chronic pain.

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Holistic wellness is my passion! I have a BS in Fitness/Wellness with a concentration in rehabilitation and an M.Ed with a concentration in research and curriculum design. I am the owner of Glowing Swan Enterprises, LLC, the founder of Rhonda Huff FIT (formerly Body-in-Balance Wellness & Fitness Studio), and the co-founder of the Center for Integrative Brain Health. My super powers include an insatiable appetite for all things wellness, the ability to relate anything you say to quantum physics, and superhuman thumbs that find and obliterate trigger points and make grown men cry.

Rhonda Huff

Our FIT Coaches

Rhonda Huff

M.Ed, BS, CPT, CHHC, NLP/H, FSM, AADP, IIN Owner, Trainer, Educator, Health, Lifestyle & Nutrition Coach, Frequency Specific Microcurrent Practitioner, Medical Exercise Specialist, Pain Management Specialist, Functional Movement Specialist, Neurolinguistic Programming & Hypnosis Practitioner, Author, Speaker

Mike Hoyt

Karen Burns


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A great workout should leave you feeling empowered and energized. At Rhonda Huff FIT you won’t need help walking to your car after your session. Your body will be challenged just enough to yield results while preventing boredom.

Your FIT Coach will work with your personal goals, strengths, and weaknesses to determine an optimal fitness schedule for you as an individual.You will experience an improvement in your energy level, balance, flexibility, quality of sleep, mood, self-confidence, and overall body composition.

Start investing in your health and happiness by scheduling a fitness discovery session today.

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Most Popular Questions

These are some questions we hear often, along with our best answers.

At Rhonda Huff FIT we believe that different body types have different exercise needs. We utilize several methods to create a program that works best for you as an individual. We use Ayurvedic principles, movement, posture, and gait assessments, your preferences, and your own history to recommend the types of workouts you should be doing, how hard the sessions should be, and how often you should workout.

YES! All of my FIT Coaches go through intensive training with me that continues throughout their career at Rhonda Huff FIT. I consult with them on their clients’ progress and their programs on a regular basis and we have monthly trainer meetings.  I love teaching them everything I know. I promise you are in good hands!

I am so passionate about helping people with their health that I wish I could offer my services for free! Unfortunately, to offer the caliber of services that we offer, it costs a lot for training and equipment. My FIT Coaches and I are constantly expanding our knowledge base and are committed to staying current, relevant, and on top of new research in our fields of expertise. Our clients find that what we offer is consistent with the investment they are making in themselves and us. Our results and retention rates demonstrate that.

Yes! We have many clients who do this! You would come in for a FIT Discovery Session and together we would decide how much instruction you initially need to have a solid foundation for safe training. Then we create a workout program for you to do on your own at home or at your gym. Every 6 weeks, you come in for a check-in and a new program! It’s a great service that people absolutely love!

I feel your pain! The information out there is insane! When I first meet with nutrition clients, I give the following advice. If you want to know the whys behind these recommendations and get more specifics, schedule a session. I would love to share more!

  1. Add some green! Eat a green vegetable at every meal and snack BEFORE you put anything else into your mouth. (Check with your doctor if you are on a blood thinner)
  2. Drink ½ your body weight in ounces of pure fresh water. Other beverages don’t count.
  3. Switch to organic food, grass-fed beef, free range poultry, and wild caught fish.
  4. Eat real food – if you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it.

Only as an educational tool. It is important to have a general idea of how many calories (and more importantly what type of calories) you are consuming on a regular basis. There are many user-friendly apps out there to use for this. Find one you like and use the app to educate yourself. I don’t know many people who want to count calories all the time. And neither do I!

Oh I LOVE this question! Working with people on cravings is one of my favorite things to do! Your cravings are telling you something…

Sugar – “I need energy!” – forgo the sugar and eat NUTRIENTS. Dark green leafy vegetables will absolutely cure sugar cravings. Ask my clients!

Salt – “I need minerals!” Eat sea vegetables, wild caught fish, fermented foods, avocadoes, bone broth, olives, grass-fed butter, grass-fed meats, or pasture-raised eggs.

Crunch – “I am so frustrated (or angry) right now!” – eat crunchy produce such as carrots, peppers, or apples.

Creamy/Comfort foods – “I feel so unappreciated!” – ask someone for a hug, eat something warm like soup, eat something creamy that is healthy like homemade guacamole or a sweet potato with grass-fed butter, raw honey, and cinnamon.

It depends…there are many different types of intermittent fasting (IF). If nothing else, I recommend a 12-hour fast between dinner and breakfast, every single day. Here is an excerpt on the subject from my book, Healthy Living from A to Z, the guide to finding who you really are and feeding who you were created to be.

Intermittent Fasting

That’s a difficult question because at Rhonda Huff FIT we individualize our recommendations based on symptoms you are having and blood tests provided by your doctor. Here is a greatly generalized answer of what I have observed was needed by a majority of people with whom I have worked: Vitamin D3, Magnesium (Glycinate if your bowels movements are regular or Citrate if they tend to be lazy, never Oxide), Omega 3, and sometimes a B12 or a B Complex. If you have gut issues you may also need digestive enzymes and a probiotic. That is as detailed as I can get without having met with you. One thing I notice personally is that if my body starts aching, especially my joints, I can up my D3 for a few days and the aching completely stops. Hope this helps!

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