seasons of change

Seasons of Change

A new thought. A new dream. A new life.
Green, bright, life, grow.

A mature thought. A mature dream. A mature life.
The greenest, the brightest, fully alive.

A dying thought. A dying dream. A dying life.
Orange, yellow, red, brown. Leaving.

A dead thought. A dead dream. A dead life.
The brownest, crumpled, lifeless. Gone.

I’m not a poet but those words just wanted to escape from my mind today, so I allowed it. I gave myself permission to flow, to not make sense, to let go. Some people call this technique “Stream of Consciousness” writing. I have used this technique with many clients and am always amazed at what our subconscious mutterings can reveal to us. It can be life changing.

Reading back over my mutterings, I wasn’t at all revealing the change of seasons that takes place cyclically every year. Nor was I thinking about the circle of life (cue the Lion King). But I was definitely relating to the seasons of change that take place throughout our lives, sometimes on a daily or even hourly basis.

Some days feel bright and promising – like you are stepping into something new and exciting. It could be a new relationship, a new job, a new location, a new goal, or even a new thought. You feel the fire beginning to burn within your heart, mind, or body. You are motivated, determined, passionate. This is spring.

Some days feel settled and safe – like you have a good handle on your current life situation. There are not many surprises and you know the answers to most of the questions you’ve had recently.  You feel the steady brook of peace flowing through your heart, mind, and body. You are cruising at a stable speed and all feels right in your world. This is summer.

Some days feel disorganized and chaotic – like the wheels are getting ready to come off the bus. Things seem to be changing and nothing feels certain. You feel the winds beginning to blow through your heart, mind, or body. You are confused, searching, and sometimes a little scared. This is autumn.

Some days feel hard and unmovable – like you ran into a brick wall. Things seem to be stuck, old, tired, dead. You feel the dirt of the earth trying to bury your heart, mind, or body. You are at your wit’s end and ready to give up. You may even welcome the end. This is winter.

But it’s not the end. Does the tree give up because its leaves withered and fell? Does the tree at the height of its summer beg for things to stay the same? The tree knows that in the harshest of seasons, a brighter day is coming. The tree knows that he can stay strong and can bend without breaking and can blossom again. And again. And again. The tree knows that the winter is not the end. It is a time of rest, of recovery, of anticipation of a return to beauty.

Sometimes I can experience every season in a single day. Sometimes the winters seem to last too long to endure. Sometimes I am not strong like the tree, I am more like shifting sands being tossed to and fro by the winds of which I have no control. But every day I can choose. I can choose to get scared by the winds or to get stuck in the dirt. I can also choose to look for the new opportunities to grow and to learn the answers to a whole new set of questions. 

When your leaves start to fall, choose to let them go. Choose to allow for a time of rest. Choose to welcome new growth. Choose life.

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