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Reiki: Why I Started. Why I Stayed.

Reiki Master 

The year was 2000. The world was on fire with celebratory fireworks. We had survived the predicted Y2K crash and ushered in a new year, a new decade, a new century, a new millennium! It was all smiles and promise. 

The year that started with a bang ended with the imperceptible buzz of radiation therapy. I had received a cancer diagnosis and spent my birthday undergoing treatment. That’s a birthday celebration that hasn’t been forgotten. I never anticipated that this experience and one little word would change my life forever.

The little word was ‘reiki’.  Months later it fell out of my mouth during a disagreement with my doctor. No planning. No forethought. Just another word in a series. He was recommending post-treatment medication. I had run out of tolerance for medical interventions. I was arguing a case for self-care: better nutrition, exercise, counseling, stress-reduction, reiki…

Reiki? Who said that?

The only thing I knew about reiki at that time was how to spell it, and I wasn’t completely confident in that! But it was said in my voice, from my mouth. I spoke the word with conviction I never could have imagined. The short of it is that I went on to adopt my own healing protocol. Of course, reiki became a part of it. 

Suddenly, a word that I had only heard once or twice in my life started popping up in the mainstream. The magazine I grabbed to pass the time on a treadmill had an article describing an author’s experience with reiki. I found reiki written about in the literature in medical offices (of all places). The word seared my eyes from the magazine displays in various places. It floated across my computer screen and distracted me from work. Reiki wanted my attention and wanted it badly.

I soon learned more than confidence in the spelling. I learned that I was never more relaxed than after a reiki session.  Reiki became my happy place. I learned that I felt more connected—connected to my body, connected to my thoughts and feelings, connected to my surroundings, connected in a more spiritual way. I learned that I was cured, healthy, and curious to know more.

In 2009 I became Reiki Master. It took time to grow trust in my intuition and to change the sensitivity in my hands to feel the energy in someone’s body. It took time to absorb a new way of understanding life, dysfunction, disease, how our thinking, choices, and beliefs affect our well-being.  What didn’t take time was feeling ‘right’ with reiki, the feeling of total peace and acceptance each time I channeled the energy.

I know reiki works! I have seen the benefits in my own and in others’ lives. I have seen the stress of the day melt, pains diminish, anxiety lessen, focused thought return.  The smiling faces and relaxed shoulders of my clients tell the story time after time. Reiki creates a profound sense of well being more easily felt than described.

How it works is also more felt than seen. Modern science tells us that everything is energy. Reiki is connecting our energy to its source. I picture it as plugging a lamp into a wall outlet. We see the plug in the wall. We see the bulb light up. What we don’t see (but can feel if you dare touch at an ungrounded place!) is the electricity- invisible energy- flowing from its source to the light bulb.

Reiki is like that. Reiki reconnects us to who we are at the deepest level of our being. It grounds us to our home, Planet Earth, and unites us to all things on and around it. It reminds us that we are energy within an energetic universe. Reiki begins to dissolve the loneliness and isolation that result from living in a confused, frenetic, contemporary world. Reiki helps us realize that we belong. We are loved and accepted.  Who doesn’t need more love and belonging in their life!

In the beginning, I was curious about the Reiki Ideals also known as the Spiritual Principles:

Just for today I will not worry.

Just for today I will not be angry.

Just for today I will do my work honestly.

Just for today I will give thanks for my many blessings.

Just for today I will be kind to every living thing.

I wondered if it was really possible to live by them, especially the first two. I found through repeated experiences of giving and receiving reiki energy, one can get better at living these ideals. Sometimes better happens for a minute. Sometimes it happens for days. When the connection to ALL is supported by repeated charges of reiki energy, NOT living this way becomes uncomfortable. In a world that is determined to make us uncomfortable, I choose to stay charged with reiki. I choose to allow reiki to get me closer to a life that is free of worry and anger, a life that is lived with honesty, gratitude, and kindness. Just for today.

Isn’t that how YOU want to live?

I am still curious. But now I am curious to see how your life can change for the better. If you would like to experience reiki’s power, reach out to me for an appointment. Don’t worry if you are beyond the 757 area code. Reiki works across the miles so you can still get the benefits (smile). I respond to email (k.pietrasanta@gmail.com), phone or text (757-817-7840). If texting, please start your text with the word REIKI.

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