personal training

FIT (functional integrative training)

A great workout should leave you feeling empowered and energized. At Rhonda Huff FIT you won’t need help walking to your car after your session. Your body will be challenged just enough to yield results while preventing boredom.



  • We Offer:
  • Single Personal FIT Sessions
  • Single Half (30-mins) FIT Sessions


  • Small Group FIT Sessions
  • 12-Pack ($60 Savings) Expires in 3 months
  • 24-Pack ($240 savings) Expires in 5 months
  • 48-Pack ($720 savings) Expires in 7 months
  • 12-Pack Half ($60 savings) Expires in 3 months
Semi-Private FIT Sessions:
  • 2 people – save $30 each
  • 3 people – save $40 each
  • 4 people – save $45 each

Your FIT Coach will:

  • Work with your personal goals, strengths, and weaknesses

  • Determine an optimal fitness schedule for you as an individual

  • You will experience an improvement in your energy level, balance, flexibility, quality of sleep, mood, self-confidence, and overall body composition.

    Start investing in your health and happiness by scheduling a FIT discovery session today.

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my newest book Is now available!