Is a Sauna Right For You?

At Rhonda Huff FIT we are all about holistic health. Sure, we offer personal training services, we offer nutritional counseling, and we offer health coaching. But what truly sets us apart is that all of our services are designed to help our clients do 3 things… find HEALING from the past, HEALTH in the present, and HOPE for the future. And we do this by uncovering and mastering emotional roadblocks, discovering individualized nutritional strategies, training the body in a holistic, functional way, and elevating brain function (cognition).

One way we accomplish stellar results is through the use of full-body organ detoxification programs. We do this through a whole foods nutritional strategy, choosing healthier personal care and home care products, restoring proper boundaries with others, removing the root causes of stinking thinking, and using a far infrared sauna.

Which Sauna is Best?

One question I often get asked is, “What is the difference between saunas and which one is the best?” 

It has been known for decades, that sweating is an effective way of eliminating stored toxins, including heavy metals. But many people don’t tolerate traditional saunas. They can make people feel weak, sick, dizzy, and faint. They can also increase heart rate and bring on headaches. And for people with Multiple Sclerosis it is a definite no due to the way they elevate body temperature, which can exacerbate MS symptoms.

However, thanks to improved technology, most people can tolerate the infrared sauna without any negative side effects. This is because it utilizes a heat energy that penetrates the tissues more effectively at much lower temperatures. 

It is important to remember that not all saunas are equal. Here is the low-down.

Infrared is light from the sun that we experience as heat.  Infrared energy accounts for about 38.9% of the sun’s energy reaching the ground at sea level (Kochevar et al., 1999).  Infrared is light with wavelengths from 760 nm to 1mm (nm=nanometers, mm=millimeters).  Those wavelengths are separated into 3 bands:

  • IR-A, also called near infrared, or NIR (760nm – 1400nm)
  • IR-B, also called mid infrared (1400nm – 3000nm)
  • IR-C, also called far infrared, or FIR (3000nm – 1mm)

Many people today are buying Near Infrared Saunas (IR-A). This is a huge mistake. Although it can be useful for short term wound healing, it can have some major long-term side effects. We know from people who are exposed to this type of heat (such as steel workers) that IR-A promotes cataracts, ages skin, causes free radicals, and may possibly promote skin cancer. For more information on the dangers of Near Infrared Saunas, check out https://www.hightechhealth.com/2018/05/08/near-infrared-sauna-dangers/.

Science Direct published a research article from the Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology (Volume 155, February 2016, Pages 78-85) stating that saunas delivering pure far infrared (FIR) radiation (eliminating completely the near- and mid-infrared bands) are safe, effective, and widely used resources that generate therapeutic effects. 

Detoxification is only one of the benefits of a far infrared sauna. A far infrared sauna can also lower blood pressure, speed muscle recovery, increase metabolism, decrease pain and inflammation, reduce oxidative stress, restore cell viability, improve mood, decrease depression and anxiety, reduce the risk of dementia, boost the immune system, improve circulation, and suppress skin aging.

Come in to experience a session or save $500 on your own sauna by calling High Tech Health at 1-800-794-5355, extension 2 and mentioning my name, Rhonda Huff.

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