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FIT 2019 Warrior of the Year

Alison Woodard

Q&A With Alison

I was born and raised in Newport News.

I was blessed to be born to wonderful parents and to have an older brother with whom I am very close.  My parents read a lot to us as children, took us to historical sites, and encouraged outdoor activity.  Not surprisingly, I love history, reading, and playing and watching sports.  I played tennis and softball into my early thirties and now enjoy going to my nephews’ sporting events.  I am an especially avid baseball fan. Go Nats!  I graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Interior Design, and for the past 20 years have enjoyed the perfect marriage of my design skills and love of history as a Space Planner for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Additionally, I am a Civil War nerd, genealogy addict, novice berry farmer, and occasional State Fair ribbon-winning jam and jelly maker.

For several years prior to joining FIT, I worked out at another studio gym with a personal trainer.  So, exercise and healthy eating were already a lifestyle for me. When that gym closed, I wanted to maintain that lifestyle and continue to work with a knowledgeable, licensed personal trainer.

Anything that is not Bear Crawl!  It’s just plain evil!

I really enjoy the positive atmosphere and knowledgeable trainers who guide, encourage, and challenge me because they genuinely want me to live a healthy, happy life to the fullest for as long as possible.

“Because He Lives” by Bill Gaither

Mike Hoyt is an awesome trainer!

Alison is a joy to train, always showing up with energy, a positive attitude and a smile on her face. Alison is dedicated to her exercise programs, always on time, pushes to get as many reps as possible, responds to cues and has near perfect form.  She loves lifting heavy and doing different exercises like animal flow.  When I first started working with Alison about a year and a half ago, I noted that as strong as Alison was, we needed to bring some focus to balance.  So, elements of balance and control work became part of her program.  Alison has embraced those changes and has made huge progress.  Alison has progressed to a point that I can challenge her with most any exercise and she can do it or will work hard to progress to it.  Her determination is amazing. Alison is also so dialed in on her nutrition.  She and I met with Rhonda in October of 2018, made some minor changes to the plan she had been on for quite a while by adding more calories and protein and combining her morning and afternoon snacks with her meals and she couldn’t have been happier with the results. She tracked her calories and macros with a goal to lose 7-lbs.  Six months later, staying with the same plan, she lost 25 lbs. and increased her muscle mass.  She is clearly an inspiration and I am so pleased she was named “Warrior of the Year.”

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