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Co-founded and co-owned by Rhonda Huff in 2018. This realized a dream that Rhonda and Jennifer first imagined in 2011.

about me

I have always been interested in a more integrative approach to medicine, and I truly believe that functional medicine is my calling.

I was born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan (Go Blue!). After graduating with a BA in English from Williams College, I moved to Washington, DC, and worked at the American Psychological Association. It wasn’t until I spent four years using my English major skill set that I realized I needed something more fulfilling. I decided to return to school to study medicine, with the intention of taking a more holistic approach in my practice.

I completed my pre-med studies at Bryn Mawr and received my MD from Brown University Medical School. Both of my sons were born while I was a medical student in Providence. When I graduated from Brown in 2001, we moved to Newport News for my residency at Riverside and to be near my husband’s family in Williamsburg. Since 2004 I have been a family physician at Hampton Family Practice.

I had taken a conventional training path and practiced primary care for almost nine years when I finally began re-exploring integrative medicine approaches. The limited toolkit of mainstream medicine consisting of pharmaceuticals and surgery was not enough for me; I knew there was more to true “health care” than prescribing medications, which felt much more like “sick care.” When I learned about functional medicine, I was drawn to it intellectually as well. It is based on the scientific principles I learned in medical school but goes much deeper to explore the underlying causes of illness and provides a hugely expanded toolkit for helping people improve their health.

My first functional medicine training course was life-changing for me. I knew that I had finally found the approach I was looking for, and I haven’t looked back. I am passionate about being able to educate and partner with patients in order to help them achieve better health and optimal wellness.

If you’d like to learn more about how functional medicine can help you achieve your health goals, contact me to schedule a free phone consult.

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