migraine triggers

12 Migraine Triggers and 10 Possible Preventions

The American Migraine Foundation says this of migraine headaches: “For a disorder that afflicts one-tenth of our population and is the subject of thousands of private conversations each day, surprisingly few people – even physicians – can provide a coherent answer if asked: “What is migraine?” Migraine is relatively easy to define in clinical terms. …

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Are you low in Magnesium?

Do you have any of these conditions or symptoms? If so, you could be low in magnesium. ADHD Asthma Cardiac Arrhythmias Chocolate cravings (cacao is high in magnesium) Colon cancer Dementia Depression, anxiety and feeling “on edge” Epilepsy and seizure disorders Fatigue and generalized weakness Fibromyalgia Headaches or migraines Hypertension Insomnia and sleep disorders Irregular heartbeat Loss of appetite Muscle pain, cramps or …

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