just eat real food

Just Eat Real FOOD

I dislike the word DIEt. It makes me think “DIE Today” because isn’t that how it feels? When you decide to go on a diet, isn’t there something inside of you that feels like a death sentence has just been issued?


Is a Sauna Right For You?

It has been known for decades, that sweating is an effective way of eliminating stored toxins, including heavy metals. But many people don’t tolerate traditional saunas. They can make people feel weak, sick, dizzy, and faint. They can also increase heart rate and bring on headaches. And for people with Multiple Sclerosis it is a definite no due to the way they elevate body temperature, which can exacerbate MS symptoms.


Why to Think of Coronavirus aka Covid-19 – Outside the Box

As an ardent researcher, I look less at what popular media suggests, and more at what falls outside the box. Deciding how to prepare myself for CoVid-19 was no exception. My curiosity began early on when it just didn’t appear to act like a “flu.” So, I dug in and this is some of the interesting information I found. This article is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or take the place of what your doctor is telling you!

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