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just eat real food

Just Eat Real FOOD

I dislike the word DIEt. It makes me think “DIE Today” because isn’t that how it feels? When you decide to go on a diet, isn’t there something inside of you that feels like a death sentence has just been issued?

and my heart whispers i am safe here

And my heart whispers…I am safe here

Everyday he is there – always smiling and telling everyone to have a good day. No one even seems to notice. One day I stop and introduce myself. I figure if we are going to see each other everyday, we should at least know each other’s names. Sometimes I wonder if I am the only person to pass by who knows his name, who appreciates his purpose…

embrace the suck

Embrace The Suck

Why are we so afraid of facing the hard parts of life? Do we honestly believe we can simply choose to see the bright side of things and miraculously all is well? It would be absolutely lovely if this was the case. But what I see when people do this is a mask, a fakeness, a deep sorrow that doesn’t get resolved and will surface again and again.

seasons of change

Seasons of Change

I’m not a poet but those words just wanted to escape from my mind today, so I allowed it. I gave myself permission to flow, to not make sense, to let go. Some people call this technique “Stream of Consciousness” writing. I have used this technique with many clients and am always amazed at what our subconscious mutterings can reveal to us. It can be life changing.

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